Agadir Ammonite


Agadir Ammonite from the area near Agadir, Morroco. These large ammonites really look like fossils; they are rough and do not take a polish, and exhibit the classic Nautiloid shape. For the price, they make a great fossil gift.

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60 – 500 million years old, ammonites are an extinct form of mollusk related to the octopus and chambered nautilus. Like the nautilus, it had a hard shell with a distinctive spiral pattern. Ammonites range in size from 1 mm to over 2 feet, and vary in the type of mineral replacement during fossilization. The name comes from its resemblance to a ram’s horn:  in Egyptian mythology, the God Ammon looked like a man with horns like a ram. Ammonites are found in Canada, Europe, Madagascar, Peru, and Morocco.



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