Australian Opal Freeform Pendant


Australian opal pendant on leather cord. Hand carved by local Oregon artist Steve Andruss, with beautiful reds and greens on front and back! Approx. 2″ x 3/4″

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Birthstone for October

One of the many members of the quartz family, opal is hardened silica gel, usually containing 5-10% water in submicroscopic pores. Opal’s structure varies from essentially amorphous to partially crystalline. Precious opal is the least crystalline form, consisting of a regular arrangement of tiny transparent silica spheres with water in the intervening spaces. Opal gets its name from the Roman opalus, a Latinized version of the older Sanskrit upala, meaning “precious stone.” Metaphysically opal is used for love and light. Fine specimens of opal are found in Australia, Oregon, Peru, & Mexico.



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