Blue Apatite Stand Up


A polished blue apatite stand-up decorator from Madagascar. The contrast of deep teal-blue tones is truly captivating.

Approx dimensions: 3 1/2″ tall x 3″ wide x 1″ deep

Weight: 21.50 oz

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Apatite is a calcium phosphate mineral and a major source of phosphorus. Its name comes from the Greek apate (“deceptive”), as it was often mistaken for other minerals such as aquamarine, peridot and olivine. Apatite ranges from blue to green to golden yellow, as well as purple. Fine specimens come from Brazil, Mexico, India and the U.S. Metaphysically, apatite stimulates creativity and learning. Blue apatite aids communication and self-expression.

Additional information

Weight 30.1 oz
Dimensions 3 × 3 × 1 in


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