Blue Topaz Oval Faceted Sterling Silver Earrings


Dazzling blue topaz, faceted in an oval shape, set into a decorative sterling silver bezel and hook.

Gemstone approx. size: 10mm H x 7mm W.

The earrings measure approximately 39mm x 28mm without the hooks.

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Blue Topaz

December Birthstone

Topaz occurs in a variety of colors, the most well-known being imperial (golden-yellow sherry) topaz, blue topaz and pink topaz. Blue topaz can occur naturally but is typically pale. Natural pink stones are rare, though yellow topaz from Brazil turns pink when heated. Topaz sheds light on “the path,” enabling one to “be” rather than “do.” Notable localities for gem-quality topaz include Brazil, Russia, Nigeria, Scotland, Sri Lanka, Pakistan, Mexico, Colorado, Texas and California.

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