Laguna Agate / Carnelian Faceted Sterling Silver Pendant


A richly colored faceted carnelian cut set in a sterling silver pendant with a decorative bail. Sterling silver chain included.

This material is technically carnelian because it is red/orange agate, but it was cut from a larger piece of Laguna Agate from Mexico.

Stone approx. 29mm H x 19mm W x 5mm D

Chain length: 16″

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Carnelian is a reddish-orange to reddish-brown translucent variety of chalcedony. Iron-oxides give it color, and it can be uniformly colored or banded. Banded forms are classified as agate. In the 1600s, it changed due to a mistaken belief that the name originated in the Latin carnem (“flesh”). Carnelian is a stone of importance in Muslim, Jewish, and Christian traditions. Fine carnelian is found in Washington, Oregon, Brazil, and India. Metaphysically, carnelian is used for creativity, renewal, and reproduction.

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