Meteorite Slice and Moldavite Sterling Silver Pendant, Muonionalusta


A gorgeous slice of the famous Muonionalusta meteorite, accented by moldavite, and set in a sterling silver. This piece features the prominent natural Widmanstätten pattern, a unique design to most nickle iron meteorites.

Approx disc size: 18 mm diameter

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Muonionalusta Meteorite

The Muonionalusta meteorite fell around one million years ago in far northern Sweden, north of the Arctic Circle near the border with Finland. Pieces of the meteorite were first discovered near Kiruna, Sweden in 1906, but searching for them is difficult due to their icy location. They have also been moved around over the past 80,000 years by glacial activity so they can turn up in unexpected places. A rare type of iron meteorite, it is classified as fine octahedrite (IVA) and has spectacular etched patterns known as Widmanstätten patterns.


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