Nuummite Massage Wand


A black club-shaped massage wand with bronze flash carved out of nuummite. Massage wands are a great way to stimulate blood flow within the circulatory system.

Approx. 4 1/2 H x 1″ D.

Photo is sample.

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Nuummite is a rare gemstone of volcanic origin, a unique mixture of anthophyllite and gedrite. These amphibole minerals metamorphosed into closely intergrown crystals of charcoal-gray to black, with beautiful iridescent flashes of bronze/gold at their transitions. Found primarily in Greenland, it was discovered in 1810 and named after its capital and largest city, Nuuk. One of the oldest minerals on earth at 3 billion years, nuummite is also known as “the sorcerer’s stone,” and is said to be a powerful grounding stone.

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