Phantom Smoky Quartz Crystal


A polished natural smoky quartz point from Brazil with numerous well-defined phantom points inside, and a flat base. These crystals make for great collector’s specimens and are highly sought after!

Approx. dimensions: 2″ H x 1″ W x 1″ D

Weight: 1.95 oz

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Smoky Quartz
One of the many members of the quartz family, smoky quartz is the light brown to nearly black variety of crystalline quartz. Typically found at higher elevations, this quartz gets its smoky color from natural radiation caused by gamma rays. Metaphysically, smoky quartz is used for grounding. Fine specimens of smoky quartz are found in Brazil, USA, Switzerland, and Africa.Phantom Quartz“Phantom” inclusions in quartz occur when gas bubbles or other minerals accumulate on the termination of a growing quartz crystal. This may happen at various stages of the crystal’s growth, leaving multiple “phantoms.” Green is usually a result from chlorite, reddish-brown from iron minerals, blue from riebeckite or ajoit, white from gas or liquid bubbles or as a result of etching. Fine specimens of phantom quartz are found in Brazil, Madagascar, Arkansas, and Arizona. Metaphysically, phantom quartz is used for growth and evolution.



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