Ruby in Fuchsite Egg


A gorgeous carved Ruby in Fuchsite Egg.

Approximate Dimensions:2 3/8″ x 1 5/8
Weight: 158 g

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Birthstone for July

Ruby is the red variety of corundum (aluminum oxide) ranging from deep to pale red, at times with a purple tinge. Ruby with minute needle-like inclusions of rutile is called star ruby, showing a six-rayed star when cut in cabochons. Sri Lanka has mined rubies since the 8th century BCE. Other ruby localities include India, Myanmar, Thailand, Afghanistan, Madagascar, Vietnam, Cambodia, North Carolina and Montana.  Ruby’s stimulation of the root (1st) chakra adds vital life force to efforts at change, keeping one free from vulnerability to indecision and pessimism.


Fuchsite is a chromium-bearing type of muscovite mica. The intensity of green color depends on the chromium concentration. It is found where hydrothermal solutions have replaced carbonates in gold deposits, and in metamorphic rocks in corundum and staurolite schists. Fine specimens of fuchsite are found in Brazil, India, Canada, and New Hampshire. Metaphysically it is used for feminine heart energy and creation.

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Weight 6.57329 oz


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