Scolecite Egg


A carved scolecite egg from India.

Approximate Dimensions: 2″ H x 1 1/2″ D.

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Zeolites are a broad group of minerals, including scolecite, natrolite, laumontite, heulandite, mesolite, chabazite, stillbite,  and thomsonite, among others. All are hydrous (water-bearing) silicates with a porous crystal structure, useful in industrial applications such as water softening and petroleum or gas refining. Zeolites are common worldwide, typically found in cavities in basalt. Many fine zeolite specimens are found in India. Oregon also produces zeolites, including heulandite, stillbite, laumontite and thomsonite. Each zeolite has a specific metaphysical attribute. Briefly, stillbite and heulandites work lovingly through the heart (4th) chakra, while natrolite works to stimulate the third eye (6th) and crown (7th) chakras.

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