7-Inclusion Quartz “Super 7” Oval Faceted Sterling Silver Ring; size 8 1/4


A gorgeous piece of faceted quartz cut from a “Super 7” piece with 7 different mineral inclusions. Set in sterling silver. Stone size approx 10 mm x 15 mm.

Ring size 8 1/4 only

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Super 7

Found in the Espiritu Santo region of Brazil, Super 7 Quartz contains seven different minerals. While all seven minerals may not be immediately visible, the stone still carries the metaphysicalenergies of each mineral:

Amethyst – spiritual enlightenment

Clear Quartz – enhancing energy

Smoky Quartz – grounding and centering

Cacoxenite– promotes new ideas and understanding

Goethite – communication, concentration, and focus

Lepidochrosite – expanding and retaining knowledge

Rutile – stability in relationships and emotion

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