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Message From A Hopi Elder

I remember being really angry at humanity when I was a kid. People were polluting the earth and I was worried about the future. Then one day, in elementary school on my way to the lunch cafeteria, I saw these huge signs plastered on all of the windows that read,...

Our 30th Anniversary Year

A common response from a customer hearing we’re celebrating our 30th anniversary at The Fossil Cartel: β€œ30 years?! What were you, 12 when you started?” Of course it makes me feel good that at 58, I don’t look quite as old as the fossils in my store…yet. πŸ™‚ When I...

Healing Stones for Fall Equinox 2018

In this episode of our Metaphysical Monday series, Susan displays and discusses healing stones for autumn equinox. Some people have issues with the shorter days, balance and change in seasons around this time of year. Healing stones that can help include carnelian,...

What is Orgonite?

In this episode of our Metaphysical Monday series, Susan discusses the substance known as “Orgonite” — a man-made combination of resin, metal and minerals thought to balance and harmonize our bio-energy, also known as orgone, prana or chi. People...

How to Tell Similar Rocks and Minerals Apart

Starting at 1:50 in this video, Susan addresses a common conundrum: how to tell similar-looking rocks apart. Often minerals resemble other minerals in color and/or pattern, and it can be difficult to tell which is which. This can be important especially because...

Healing Properties of Fluorite

Part of The Fossil Cartel’s Metaphysical Monday series on Facebook Live, this video addresses the many metaphysical healing properties of fluorite. It is especially useful as a protection stone, especially electromagnetic fields emitted by computers and mobile...

Healing Stones for Summer Solstice

This installment of The Fossil Cartel’s Metaphysical Monday series examines healing stones for the summer solstice. Starting at 1:30 in this video, Susan and new sales associate Jacob Adams show and tell us about which healing stones we may want to use this time...