Are you yearning to learn more about rocks, fossils, gems, minerals, crystals, meteorites, and more? You’re in luck!

There are so many online resources these days where you can learn just about anything and become an expert yourself. You can interact with others on Facebook and other online groups where people gather to talk about all these topics.

Here is a list of Facebook groups you can ask to join:

Rock Hounds
Meteorite People
Gem and Mineral Pickers
Fluorescent Minerals
Meteorite Club
Mineral and Specimen Cleaning 

Other resources online and places you can visit in person:

Rice Northwest Museum of Rocks and Minerals
John Day Fossil Beds
Smithsonian Fossil Lab
Oregon Department of Geology and Mineral Industries
Richard L. Sutton, Jr., M.D. Museum of Geosciences
Colorado School of Mines

Great videos for the kids!