Amber Fairy Sterling Silver Earrings


A fun and whimsical pair of sterling silver fairy and amber earrings, perfect for that cottage-core outfit that needs just a little warmth.

Approximate size of fairy:17mm H x 10mm W x 13mm D.

Approximate size of Amber sphere: 5mm D

Check out the matching pendant here.

Photo is sample.

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Amber is any natural fossilized tree resin dating back to the Carboniferous, roughly 320 million years. Since around 3000 BCE it has been considered a precious material, used for adornment, fragrance, medicine and trade.  Rarely, an insect or plant matter can be seen trapped inside the amber, and these pieces are highly sought after by collectors. Amber is commonly found along the shores of the Baltic Sea in northwestern Europe, the Dominican Republic, and Chiapas, Mexico.

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