Chakra Pouch


A set of stones hand picked for their association with the different chakra centers in the body. Comes with 8 different stones and a velvet pouch to hold them. Photo is sample.


Chakra pouch contains:
7th Crown Chakra – Clear Quartz, White (Spirituality)
6th Third Eye Chakra – Amethyst, Light Purple(Intuition/Intellect)
5th Throat Chakra – Blue Lace Agate, Blue (Communication)
4th Heart Chakra- Unakite, Green, Pink (Love, Joy, Prosperity)
3rd Solar Plexus Chakra – Citrine, Yellow (Self Esteem/ Belonging)
2nd Naval/Sacral Chakra – Carnelian, Orange (Reproduction/Creativity)
1st Root Base Chakra – Red Tiger Eye, Red (Survival/Energy)
Earth Chakra – Black Onyx, Black, Brown (Grounding/Protection)

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Weight 4.1 oz


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