Jasmine Jasper Tower


A jasmine jasper tower with six sides; “jasmine jasper” is a black jasper with pink to white blooms of floral patterns.

Approx. dimensions: 3 1/2″ H x 1 1/4″ W x 1″ D.

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An opaque variety of cryptocrystalline quartz (chalcedony), jasper is found worldwide. It owes its opacity and color to its incorporation of varying amounts of other minerals. Red to brown jasper is colored by hematite, yellow to clay, and goethite can make it brown or yellow. There are many varieties of jasper including picture, brecciated, and leopard skin. Oregon is famous for its wide varieties of picture jasper. Other deposits are found in the USA, Mexico, and Africa. Metaphysically, jasper imparts determination and courage.


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