Kunzite Pendant w/ Cord


A gorgeous hand-polished piece of natural kunzite (pink spodumene) strung on a pretty pink and purple adjustable cloth cord and fastened by a metal bead.

Stone approx 22mm H x 19mm W x 12mm D

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Spodumene is a lithium aluminosilicate member of the pyroxene group. Gemstone varieties include kunzite and hiddenite. Kunzite owes its lilac-pink coloring to the presence of manganese, and fine specimens are found in California, Brazil, and Pakistan. Hiddenite gets is green coloring from chromium. Common spodumene is an important lithium ore and constitutes one of the largest single crystals ever found, 47 ft in length and weighing almost 100 tons! Metaphysically, this is an excellent stone for opening the heart in order to accept and receive love.

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