Lapis Lazuli Teardrop Sterling Silver Stud Earrings


A simple pair of faceted lapis lazuli sterling silver teardrop stud earrings. Dainty yet durable enough for every day wear.

Approx. dimensions: 9mm H x 5mm W x 4mm D



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Lapis Lazuli

Alternate September Birthstone

Prized since the dawn of history, lapis lazuli, meaning “stone of heaven,” is principally a combination of three minerals: lazurite, pyrite and calcite. It was used in the funerary mask of the pharaoh Tutankhamen (King Tut) in Ancient Egypt. Before synthetic dyes were introduced, deep blue lapis was the pigment ultramarine. Today, as in the past, the best lapis comes from Afghanistan, though it is also found in Chile, California and Colorado. Metaphysically, lapis stimulates the Third Eye (6th) chakra, working with images rather than words, helping one to develop greater intuition and open up to divine guidance.

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