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Lepidolite in Quartz


Lepidolite in quartz from Brazil, featuring reflective purple mica and “massive” pieces of lepidolite in a quartz matrix.

Approx. 2″ x 3″ x 2 3/8″

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A type of mica, lepidolite contains a substantial portion of lithium and is Earth’s most common lithium-bearing mineral. It is economically important as a major source of lithium, which is used in glass making, enamels, high-speed optical communications, and as a mood stabilizer.  Lepidolite is one of the few minerals containing significant quantities of rubidium, which is used to determine the age of rocks more than 10 million years old. Its name is derived from the Greek lepidos, meaning “scale.”  Metaphysically, lepidolite is used for soothing and calming the nerves.


The colorless, transparent variety of quartz. Quartz is composed of silicon dioxide, the most common mineral in Earth’s crust after ice and feldspar. The name “rock crystal” emerged in the Middle Ages to differentiate it from colorless glass. The Greeks called water-color crystals krystalos, hence the name “crystal.” The name quartz comes from Old German, but its origins are unknown. Metaphysically, quartz is used for power, communication, and cleansing. Found worldwide, fine specimens of quartz can be found in Arkansas, Brazil, and Madagascar.


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