Libyan Desert Glass


A rough (uncut) piece of Libyan desert glass. Libyan desert glass was created upon meteorite impact, similar to moldavite, 26 million years ago.

Approximate dimensions: 20mm H x 33mm W x 11mm D

Weight: 6.76g

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When a large meteorite hits the Earth, terrestrial rock sometimes melts, is thrown into the air, and quickly cools to form glass known as tektite. Ranging in size from a fraction of an inch to a few inches and shaped like discs or dumbbells, tektites have been found on every continent except for Antarctica and South America. They are found in limited but large areas (of hundreds of thousands of square miles), and can, in some cases, be related to specific impact craters. Fine specimens of tektites are found in China, Indonesia and the Czech Republic. Metaphysically, they are a high vibration stone that brings together the terrestrial and extraterrestrial.

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