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Moldavite Pendant


A large drilled deep olive green piece of authentic rough moldavite, adorned with 2 Hill Tribe sterling silver beads, on an adjustable black cord. This is a nice, chunky, larger than average nugget of moldavite with a rounded flat top from a cut of the original stone. This type of chunky moldavite nugget, with its more wrinkly and groovy surface, is the most valuable — if not for the cut, it would cost a lot more!

Don’t miss the last photo of the moldavite backlit by a cell phone flashlight, to see the color and translucency!

Stone approx::Β  24mm H xΒ  21mm W x 12mm D.

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The gem from outer space! This stunning olive-green gem belongs to a family of stones called Tektites: meteoric impact glasses. 14.7 million years ago, a giant meteorite hit western Bavaria, causing melted terrestrial material to fly into the air, where it cooled quickly and formed moldavite.Β  Most of it fell in the Moldau Valley in the Czech Republic, hence the name β€œmoldavite.” Even those not usually sensitive to the energies of stones report feeling the energy of moldavite. It is said to be the stone of transformation and spiritual growth.



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