Mt. St. Helens Twilight Obsidianite Sterling Silver Rose Pin


Rose Pin — a lovely souvenir from Portland, aka “The Rose City!” Approx. 2″ x 1/2″ with 5mm round-cut color-changing Twilight Obsidianite gemstone (1/2 ct) set in Sterling Silver. Under natural or incandescent light this stone appears purple (similar to tanzanite), while under fluorescent light it changes to sky blue (similar to blue topaz).


Twilight Obsidianite

This beautiful color-change obsidian gem is created from silicon-aluminum volcanic rock dust or “ash” ejected from Mt St Helens. Very similar to the Emerald Obsidianite but with the chemicals that made it green removed. The trace elements of cobalt, manganese, titanium and potassium fuse together at 2700 degrees Fahrenheit to form the beautiful purple color. This stone changes color under different lighting. Normally its purple (similar to tanzanite), while fluorescent light will change it to light blue (similar to blue topaz).

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Weight1.5 oz


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