Peridot Faceted Bead Necklace


A peridot faceted bead necklace with a sterling silver lobster claw clasp and adjustable chain extension. The peridot is faceted to give off a sparkling shimmer!

Adjustable length approx. 16″ – 19″

Beads approx. 5mm diameter

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Birthstone for August

Peridot is the gem-quality variety of the silicate mineral olivine. Iron inclusions create its light green color. Volcanoes sometimes hurl peridot-rich “bombs,” chunks of hardened basalt containing peridot crystals. Egyptians mined peridot as a gemstone as early as 1580 BCE. Most peridot seen in jewelry today comes from Globe, Arizona. Metaphysically, peridot is used to bring prosperity and to balance moods. Fine specimens of peridot are found in Arizona, Brazil, Pakistan, and Afghanistan.

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Choker, Full-Length


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