Shungite Egg


A fine black shungite egg from Russia.  Shungite is known for its protective and filtering properties.

Approximate dimensions: 2″ H x 1 3/8″ W (50mm x 35mm).

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This mineraloid was originally found in the Shun’ga Village of Karelia, Russia. Scientists estimate Shungite is nearly 2 billion years old. Onega Lake, near the main Shungite deposit in Karelia, has long been used as a healing spa. The water is purified by the Shungite and can be drunk without first being boiled or otherwise cleansed. Anti-inflammatory, antihistaminic, and antibacterial effects have been observed. There are 2 types of naturally occurring shungite: Noble- containing about 95% carbon and Typical- containing 30% carbon as well as silicates and other minerals. Metaphysically, Shungite is especially protective from electromagnetic stress.


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