Tiger Eye Tower


An eye-catching tiger’s eye tower. The chatoyancy on this piece is truly mesmerizing! A perfect addition to any altar.

Approx. dimensions: 3 1/4″ H x 1″ W x 1″ D

Weight: 3.4 oz

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Tiger Eye

A variety of quartz, Tiger Eye exhibits classic chatoyancy, a vertical luminescent band like a cat’s eye. It is formed when parallel veins of crocidolite (blue asbestos) fibers are first altered to iron oxides and then replaced by silica. Hawk’s Eye is similar to Tiger Eye except the crocidolite is not altered by iron oxides and retains its original blue color. A major source of tiger eye is Griquatown West, South Africa. In Australia, it combines with red jasper and hematite and is called Tiger Iron. Metaphysically, Tiger Eye is used for insight and protection.

Additional information

Weight8.1 oz
Dimensions4 × 1 × 1 in

Brecciated Jasper, Goldstone, Picture Jasper, Tiger Eye, Tiger Iron


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